Compost Tea augments soil biological activity, promoting soil aggregation and improving infiltration, drainage, and water-holding capacity. The bacteria and fungi in Compost Tea are key players in the formation of soil aggregates. In addition to having a greater water-holding capacity, well-agreggated soils are more stable and less prone to erosion.


Compost Tea reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides by enabling plants to access and utilize nutrients more efficiently, and by fortifying their immune system to better withstand disease and pest pressures. A biologically robust Compost Tea delivers an abundance of active microorganisms to the plant and root zone. This vast microbial network plays an essential role in nutrient cycling, effectively reducing the need for additional fertilizer inputs.


Compost Tea can be applied every 14 to 30 days during the growing season,
with additional applications during times of plant stress or extreme disease pressure.

Foliar application

  • Maximum benefits are achieved with thorough leaf coverage.

  • Morning application minimizes harmful effects of UV-radiation on microbial life.

  • Most conventional spraying and irrigation equipment can be used as-is or adapted for Compost Tea foliar application.

  • A typical application rate for foliar application to mature plants is 20–25 gallons/acre (100–200 liters/hectare) of Compost Tea concentrate. The amount of water used to deliver this volume will vary according to application equipment. A typical dilution rate is 1:1 for mature plants; further dilution may be recommended for very young plants.

Soil application

  • Soil application of Compost Tea should target the base of the plant and the root zone.

  • A watering can is suitable for houseplants or home gardens.

  • Horticultural injection systems or drip irrigation can be used for soil application of Compost Tea in larger operations.

  • Compost Tea should be applied with enough water to ensure it reaches the root zone; i.e., in drip irrigation or dosing systems the dilution is much higher than foliar application.

  • Time of day is less important with soil application than foliar application because the microorganisms are not exposed to the sun.

What is Compost Tea made with Fine Bubble Diffusion?

Compost Tea made with Fine Bubble Diffusion is a biologically active, aerated liquid extract of compost used to promote soil and plant health. Fine Bubble Diffusion technology provides optimum conditions for making Compost Tea by thoroughly agitating the solution to facilitate extraction of nutrients and microorganisms from the compost, and by maintaining the high levels of dissolved oxygen required by the desired aerobic organisms.

A size to meet your production needs

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Growing Solutions’ Compost Tea Catalyst is a unique blend of ingredients formulated to stimulate diverse microbial growth during aerated compost tea production. Compost Tea Catalyst is ideal for use in organic production, and the majority of ingredients are certified organic.

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