Colorado River – America’s Most Endangered River 2013

The Colorado River is a lifeline in the desert, its water sustaining tens of millions of people in seven states, as well as endangered fish and wildlife. However, demand on the river’s water now exceeds its supply, leaving the river so over-tapped that it no longer flows to the sea. (Video by Pete McBride.)Learn more and be part of the solution.


1.Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. A proposed industrial-scale construction project threaten the Grand Canyon’s wild nature and unique experience that belongs to every American.

2. Columbia River. Outdated dam operations are putting healthy runs of salmon and other fisheries at risk.

3. Holston River. Toxic chemicals from the Holston Army Ammunition Plant are putting local water supplies and the community’s health at risk.

4. Smith River A proposed copper mine could harm a nationally-renowned wild trout fishery.

5. Edisto RiverExcessive agricultural water withdrawals are putting water supply, water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and recreation at risk.

6. Chuitna RiverA proposed mine threatens to destroy 30 square miles of irreplaceable wild river habitat.

7. Rogue-Smith RiversStrip mining, road construction, and metal processing would devastate this fragile, precious wild area.

8. St Louis RiverMining could destroy or degrade thousands of square miles of pristine forested wetlands and streams.

9. Harpeth River. Sewage pollution and water withdrawals are putting clean water, fish and wildlife, and recreation at risk.

10. Pearl River. A new dam threatens to ruin healthy wetlands and wildlife habitat –